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Greetings. I hope you are enjoying the content of my website, which I wanted to translate my vision towards spreading knowledge and contributing to the economic development of our community. I highly believe that our society's economic development and prosperity are highly driven by having efficient and innovative organizations with capabilities to create high economic value and compete locally and globally.

I carefully selected my team based on their strong backgrounds to provide my clients with the best service. Our structure translates our strategy to create synergies by putting together different flavors of skills and abilities.


We offer our intellectual capital of experience, knowledge, and leadership. To share with you my background, I have nearly 30 years of diversified professional business experience as the below:


  • Eleven years in the corporate world with leading organizations such as Dubai Holding and SOLIDERE. Chief Information Officer of Dubai Holding and head of applications in SOLIDERE.

  • Six years as a vendor with Microsoft Corporation as solutions manager for ERP, CRM, and various other business applications

  • Thirteen years as a management consultant servicing organizations of various sizes and industries, I did an uncountable number of projects, including strategy consulting, digital transformation, and software applications development and implementations projects.


On the academic part, I am a doctorate candidate in business administration. My research is on organization design and alignment, covering business transformation, strategy, leadership, marketing, sales strategies, and others. My MBA work focused on finance and investments. My bachelor's degree was in computer science, focusing on application design and databases.


I wrote about many business topics and did presentations in major cities worldwide. I wrote about CRM, customer experience management, technology-based business transformation, business transformation, and many other issues. I wrote several training courses, and my favorite is "Advanced marketing training," which I taught 27 times and more than 500 professionals, including top managers.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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+971 50 4561197

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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