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Management Advisory

Gain access to our intellectual capital, including our quick and astute minds and proprietary business and organizational strategies​.

Management advisory service is a flexible approach to sharing our intellectual capital of knowledge and experience to help our clients achieve a specific objective or realize a vision. Our competencies cover project management, organization design, and development areas. Our management advisory covers:

  1. Officiating expertise in a given industry, operational function, or business situation

  2. Serving as an unbiased, external third party to validate a strategy or a concept

  3. Confirming a hypothesis or point of view through exhaustive analysis

  4. Helping clients shape the particular vision and make informed business decisions

  5. Facilitating discussions to help improve business performance

The knowledge-based framework that governs our thought process is divided into four stages:

Stages of consulting.png
Vision Scoping Services

It frequently happens that a business leader or an organization embark on a particular vision such as:

  1. Start a new business

  2. Launch a new product

  3. Assess and change organizational culture

  4. Improve customer experience

  5. Upgrade their ERP system

  6. Reduce cost

  7. Improve efficiency

  8. Expand into a new market

  9. Transform the business

  10. Restructure the business

  11. Build specific compatancies

  12. Shake the company or any other.

We have developed a unique project methodology to help organizations achieve the above, and we call that vision scoping project. A vision scoping project is a formal business engagement with three main stages as below:

Vision Scope 1.png
Scope of a vision scoping engagement?

The scope of a vision scoping project covers a substantial set of activities mentioned in stage 1, yet the entire model is, to begin with, an end in mind. We include a proof of concept and even a part of the solution implementation in some engagements. The typical activities of the vision scoping are: 

  • Form a project team and define the role of each participating person.

  • Define a hypothesis about what to be achieved across, i.e., the definition of the vision statement.

  • Execute a series of meetings/workshops with the project stakeholders and business executives

  • After completing the analysis of the requirements and a good understanding of the business assumptions, we define along with the client the set of recommendations for achieving the business objectives.

  • Based on all the above, we list the vision requirements as a list of recommendations, and for each recommendation, we include:

    • Description of the recommendation

    • How critical that recommendation is to your business

    • An estimate of the cost (If applicable)


The above method will help adopt a phased approach by first implementing the requirements with the highest business impact and lowest implementation cost (time and money).

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