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What is the single question every person answers?

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Once we are born, we behave according to our instinct. Then when we are raised, we start to discover life and develop a personality. During this process, our behavior transforms from being entirely instinctive to have a distinct character or personality that guides our conduct. While our personality is getting shaped, the most crucial question of our life comes our way, HOW GOOD DO WE WANT TO BE?

So, it seems we are all born, not free. Our freedom is shaped by our personal choices and the environment around us. When our brains develop based on the Darwinian style, we apply the principles of survival of the fittest. In this case, intelligence is about adapting to the situation and doing anything to gain the best life possible.

However, our free mind can take us to another level. Once we free ourselves, we start to think about what is right and wrong, away from our limited perspective but through the lens of the entire community. Once we are free, we will be able to see the world, not through instinct but through our free minds, which is the beginning of coming to the truth.

Whether we thought about it or not, we all made our choices. Some "clever" people already know the above early and make their own choices. Others made their choices without thinking at all as they followed their instinct. Whether we think about it or not, we still make our choice and answer the question, how good do we want to be? The answer to this question guides the entire set of principles that shape our daily lives and others. We live in one ecosystem. If you know your answer, and I am sure you do, you might be confident that it is the right choice. Perhaps people tell you so! Thinking again is the beginning to come to your freedom. It is when you will start to see yourself not as the world but as a part of the world.

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